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s e l e c t e d  p e r f o r m a n c e 

Performance is an important aspect of my art practice. A human presence provides an opportunity to create empathy. Vulnerability and awkwardness serve as conduit when considering the relationship between understanding, misunderstanding, and complicity.

a n   e l a t e d   w o r l d  l i v e

An Elated World performed live as part of the Era of Primitives at X-Cues in Winnipeg.

l i v e   f r o m   t h e  b i g   b o o k

The Big Book of Little Ambitions performed live as part of the Circus of Objects at X-Cues in Winnipeg.

u n d e r t o e   l i v e

Undertoe Live is the most recent iteration of the ongoing project Undertoe. This particular documentation is the work presented in it's entirety augmented with subtitles that correspond with the slide projections.

g a m b a t

Gambat is a multimedia performance. This is a five minute preview of the thirty minute performance documented at Video Pool Media Arts Centre in Winnipeg.

n o s e h a i r

Nosehair is a multimedia performance. This is a six and a half minute preview of the thirteen minute performance. The work was performed at the Atomic Centre and at Aqua Books in Winnipeg.

b e a d s

Beads is a multimedia performance. This is a two minute preview of the ten minute performance. Beads was part of 411 a night of performance in Winnipeg.

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